Why choose aluminium doors?

Your home is your pride and joy, as well as being your sanctuary, a place for friends and family, and you only want the best for it in terms of all your interior options. Ideally, you want fittings which are strong, safe, highly usable and durable, whilst still looking highly aesthetically pleasing to you and anyone who visits.

Aluminium doors provide all these qualities, plus more, and they could be just what you have been looking for in your search for the perfect option.

In case you need a quick fix, get aluminium door repairs done from experts who know their stuff. Some of the benefits of choosing aluminium doors for your home are listed below.

  • Slim frames

Aluminium is well known to be a very strong material, yet also light, which is why it is one of the most popular materials for transportation such as planes and cars. These qualities also make it the ideal material to hold large glass door panels, but with slim frames.

This means that you can have the maximum glass area, for a great view of outside and paramount natural light allowed into the room, whilst the frames remain delicate.

The slim frames mean that the doors have an elegant, chic look, for the ultimate stylish and classy finish to your doors, and also mean that the overall look of your doors is contemporary, allowing for maximum view outside.

Slim frames also mean that aluminium doors are a great choice when it comes to sliding and folding doors, as they will not be bulky, even when folded up.

Slim frames

  • Reliable

Aluminium frames are the most durable choice when it comes to all weathers, being an incredibly stable material with minimum expansion and contraction occurring due to temperature. This means they are unlikely to break or start squeaking when opened and closed.

Aluminium is superior to other materials such as timber and uPVC which can potentially warp and twist in changing temperatures.

  • Range of styles

Aluminium doors don’t have to be plain and boring, as there is a massive choice available in terms of design and colour. You can chose the right door for your home, according to your interior design and preferences. If required, you can even choose a different colour of the door on the inside to the outside.

As well as being able to choose the overall style, you can also choose the finer details of your aluminium doors. You can choose from a range of sills, beading and sashes.

Range of styles

  • Low maintenance

Aluminium is one of the lowest maintenance materials in terms of looking after your doors to keep them in pristine condition. The colour of the aluminium is as robust as the material itself, with minimum maintenance, including not having to paint it regularly.

As well as the colour being very sustainable, the smooth and shiny finish of aluminium does not attract dust sand and dust, and won’t easily dent or chip, unlike timber and other commonly used door materials.

All of these qualities mean that the aluminium doors will stand the test of time, and will look immaculate for a very long time.

  • Energy saving

Aluminium doors are among the most insulated and thermal options for your home, thanks to the advances in thermal technology. This means you don’t have to compromise your warmth for aesthetic appeal; you can still have a bright an airy room, enjoy the beauty of outside whilst staying toasty inside. Then, when the weather brightens up outside in the summer, you can open your luxury doors and let the heat in. Aluminium doors really are the best of both worlds year round.

Not only will you be warm year round with aluminium doors, but you will also see a difference in your heating bills, plus you will be doing your bit for the environment by turning your heating down.

  • Environmentally friendly

As well as being the best choice in terms of energy efficiency, aluminium doors are also a great option in terms of environmental friendliness. Aluminium is 100% recyclable with no loss of quality, so you can be sure that your aluminium doors will be used again and again. Who knows where they could end up eventually?

  • Security

Security is one of the top priorities when it comes to choosing your doors, and you’ll be pleased to know that aluminium doors are top of the range when it comes to safety and security for your doors. In fact, it is superior to most other materials in terms of security. This ensures your peace of mind, so you don’t have to worry about being at risk of any attacks and breakages when you’re out of the house, but you don’t have to compromise on the look of your interior when you’re choosing the design.

With the plethora of benefits that aluminium doors bring to us, it is only ideal that we install them whenever sifting through options for doors.

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