5 Tips to Revamp a Reception Area

It’s a well known fact that first impressions account for a lot when it comes to getting people on side, particularly when it comes to your business. When a client, potential employee or visitor enters your premise for the first time, the reception area is the first room they will see, and it’s highly important to make the room look as professional, up to date and welcoming as possible.

If your reception area is in serious need of updating, it might be time to spruce things up with a paintbrush and some new additions investments. Whether your reception area is for an office, a gym or a hotel; we have some tips to revamp your space, drawing those customers in and creating a more enjoyable waiting space.

  • Decide on a colour scheme

A good place to start any reception area revamp is to decide on a colour scheme. There are several ways to do this, but a popular option is to choose a colour scheme which suits the industry in which you work. For example, if you work in an environment based industry, such as an environmental agency or recycling centre, you may choose to go with greens and shades of beige and brown, which are more earthly, neutral colours.

You could also choose your colour scheme based on the connotations of each colour, for example blue is associated with trust and loyalty, and is often used for financial companies, whereas yellow is associated with intellect, learning and happiness, and is often used at children’s centres and repair companies.

Another way in which you could choose your colour scheme is to use colours from your logo or branding and tie in with those in your reception area. This will give a sense of continuation, which will be good for your brand recognition.

If you are not sure as to which colours to go for, choosing neutral colours is always a safe option, plus has the additional advantage of creating the illusion of space in the room. To add a splash of colour, consider choosing a feature wall or adding colour accents via pieces of furniture or artwork.

Decide on a colour scheme

  • Include some signage

Including some signage is a must-have in any business reception area for several reasons. When clients and visitors first enter the room, they will be greeted with the signage, letting them know that they are in the right place.

Aside from confirming the location for visitors, signage in a reception area also helps to make the environment look more professional and is an excellent branding opportunity.

The ideal place for a sign to be positioned is above the desk area; this is because it instantly guides the eyes of your clients towards where they need to be, ensuring that they know what to do as soon as they walk in and avoiding any awkwardness on entering.

Make sure the signage is clear, easy to read in large print, and that it matches with the rest of your brand signage to avoid any confusion.

  • Make your area welcoming

As well as making your reception area look professional, you also need to ensure that it is welcoming for anyone who walks through the door. This involves making the space look inviting for your clients whilst they wait.

Try to include something other than a blank wall for your visitors to stare at. You could install a television on the wall, provide magazines on a coffee table, or somewhere they can purchase snacks or drinks whilst they wait. You can get a free vending machine in London for your office, which will be provided free of charge, to add a little something to your reception area. This is a particularly good idea if your reception area is for a gym, swimming pool or anywhere clients are likely to be hungry.

Purchase comfortable leather sofas for your clients to sit on whilst they are waiting; these will stay tidy in the waiting area and can be easily cleaned of any spillages, whilst looking professional and inviting for the area.

Make your area welcoming

  • Choose the right lighting

The lighting in a room can have a major influence on the overall look and atmosphere of a reception area. Natural light is the best source of light for any room including reception areas, however this is not always completely possible for some companies, and of course in winter months you will need more lighting at certain hours too.

When choosing artificial lighting, try to make the room look more welcoming and appealing by opting for lighting with a yellow tone rather than any harsh fluorescent lighting.

A hanging light from a pendant can also be a good idea to add interest to a boring looking room, and adding decorative lighting around the desk area can also add a certain elegance to the look of your reception area.

  • Add artwork

Adding artwork to a reception area can transform a room from dull looking to very modern. However, you need to be careful when choosing which artwork you go for in the room. It is generally best to purchase artwork which is patterned, and non-offensive to visitors.

You can choose some neutral colours to simply add a bit of chic interest to the room, or go for a splash of colour with some more vibrant pieces.


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