Benefits of Composite Doors

There are many types of doors that you can choose from when you want to replace your old door with a new one. The various types of doors include uPVC doors, composite doors and Bi-fold doors. Each of these doors has their own benefits but composite doors have lately become quite popular among consumers.

In the recent few years there has been a significant rise in the number of people opting for composite doors and it has equalled the popularity of uPVC doors in the UK.


What are Composite Doors?

Composite means a combination of several materials and this is exactly what a composite door means. Composite doors are manufactured by using various types of material and this variety add different attributes to the door. For example, a material added for strength makes the door strong. A material added to give the door a shine makes it look better.

What are Composite Doors?

Here we enlist some of the most common benefits of installing a composite door and this will help you to understand why composite doors are replacing uPVC doors in so many homes.

  • PVC material is used to make the door strong and provides a sturdy frame inside the door.
  • Along with PVC, steel is also used to keep the door straight.
  • The frame is reinforced by making use of hardwood.
  • Polyurethane which is CFC free and eco-friendly is injected into the core and it provides a good level of insulation.
  • For adding a finish to the door, glass reinforced plastic is used and it provides an attractive, natural and coloured finish with a resistance to damage and an authentic grain.
  • The glass panels that are added to the frame can be easily switched in case they get damaged.
  • The thickness of composite doors is around 1.7 inches and they can be used in a range of settings.


Why Composite Doors?

As mentioned earlier composite doors have become increasingly popular in the last few years due to many reasons such as they have an attractive look to them and they are compatible with the climate of UK. It is not an easy task that can be implemented as DIY and in order to have a good door you may need to hire the services of professionals who are good at creating innovative designs for doors.

Some other benefits of Composite Doors Sheffield include

  • Doors made out of ordinary wood do not last as long as composite doors, so an investment made in composite doors is likely to benefit you in the long run.
  • Rains can dampen the doors made out of ordinary door but composite doors are not prone to swelling. Doors that get dampened tend to become creaky or stiff but this problem can be avoided by installing composite doors.
  • Another major disadvantage of ordinary doors is that they need to be painted again after sometime as they lose their sheen quickly. However, composite doors do not need to be painted and hence they never lose their colour. A simple washing can restore the door back to its original glory and this can be done easily when washing the windows of the house.
  • Ordinary doors are subjected to wear and tear on almost regular basis and thus they get degraded with time. Composite doors use glass reinforced plastic veneer and this material is not easily prone to damage. Therefore composite doors last longer and need very little maintenance.
  • Ordinary doors do not make use of any insulating material and have poor insulation. Due to this the warmth can escape the house through these doors and puts to waste the efforts taken to heat a house in winters. Composite doors on the other hand use insulation material and this prevents the heat inside a house from escaping outside.
  • Composite doors come in many attractive designs and can be used for any type of property.
  • Ordinary doors face many limitations when it comes to installing safety locks on doors but composite doors do not face any such limitations and enables the owner of the property to select from a variety of locks.
  • Composite doors are known to be strong and sturdy due to the use of materials that give strength to the door. The strengthening materials make the doors extremely strong thereby increasing the security of your homes.


Customisation of Composite Doors

There are many colours, finishes and styles that can be used on composite doors and in this way composite doors can be made as attractive as one would want to make them. Their strength allows these doors to be used as a front door as they are generally stronger than ordinary doors. Since they are cost effective they can also be used to add to a secondary entrance.

Customisation of Composite Doors

The design variations and styling options when combined with their versatility make these doors the perfect option for any setting. You can achieve a traditional finish by choosing a muted wood grained effect or use a bold colour to make a statement.


It is quite comforting to know that you wouldn’t need to bother much with the maintenance of these doors. By adding a natural brown colour to a composite door along with grain looks gives the exact same look as that of a wood door. Unlike a wood door you will not need to trouble yourself with its treatment and also be assured that it is not going to split with time. Bright colours when added to a composite door will not require repainting for a long time as they are less likely to fade.

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