Top Tips to Choose the Right Front Door

The house that you live in speaks volumes about your personality and the beginning point to set the tone is of course the front door of your home. Choosing a front door that suits the style of your home not only adds value but is also aesthetically beautiful. Finalising the front door that conveys the true essence of your home can be an overwhelming process.


The front door has the ability to either add or subtract the overall appeal of your home. The job of your front door is to not just stand and look pretty, but the safety factor has to be duly considered as well.

Replacing the front door of your home is a project that is going to consume a lot of money, something that homeowners cannot afford to invest in every now and then. It is best to invest in something that is sturdy and has the capability to withstand the seasonal changes come what may.

Choosing to replace the front entry door of your home is a valuable project as its worth nearly goes beyond the actual cost. When it comes to finding the front door that does not leave a dent in your budget while simultaneously exceeds expectations, you have many choices to your credit. These choices are available in terms of colours, materials, safety and the design itself.

So, to help you make a smart choice we have compiled the top 4 tips to help you choose the right front door for your home.

  1. Set a Budget

Before delving into any kind of project it is essential that you decide upon a spending limit that fits your comfort zone. Home improvement projects tend to go overboard very easily. This could be because of delays or due to costs not being confirmed properly at the commencement stage. If you are undertaking the front door project for the first time, it is only understandable that you’d want to avoid costly mistakes.

As is the case with other home improvement projects, replacing your front door is considered as an investment and this should clearly reflect in your budget that is carefully planned to assist decision making. When determining the costs of your front door, consider few essentials like:

  • Direct costs vs. Long term benefits
  • Approximate useful life
  • Maintenance and the entailing requirements
  • Energy efficiency
  • Scale of weather resistance and performance
  • Characteristics
  • Pre-completions costs or additional staining or painting requirement
  • Hardware and accessories

Choosing a front door that adds to the beauty and value of your home without resulting in anymore spending in the long run is ideal. For instance, some energy efficient doors may cost more upfront, but in time you end up saving money. Doors constructed with quality durable materials will help to avoid high maintenance costs.

  1. Materials Matter

The materials that are used to construct a door will directly impact the way it performs. This includes maintenance, durability and appearance. The choice of materials will also be the deciding factor for the price of your door which is why it is essential to keep this in mind.

Most doors will either be wood, steel or fibreglass and many of these provide panel styles that have the option of adding glass. Decorative glass is an add-on feature (and cost) and is available in a variety of patterns that feature textures and bevels.


  • Wood – The rich beauty of authentic doors gives out a classic aura with its intricate grain patterns and colour markings. A plethora of styles and options is available with different wood types, panel styles, historic accents, decorative glass and other embellishments. When it comes to wooden doors Composite doors Sheffield steal the show with their natural and beautiful appearance.
  • Steel – Steel doors are generally more affordable when compared to other materials. Premium steel doors tend to be extra durable as they do not warp or crack and also resist denting. Most steel doors feature a smooth surface which limits its look to panel design and paint colour. Steel doors cam comprise of an insulated core so as to facilitate energy efficiency.


  1. Size

What is the ideal size for your front door entryway? A standard exterior of the front door is 80 inches tall with a width of 36 inches and is almost 2 inches thick. To pick the right door size, you must include any sidelights, transoms and other decorative elements. In order to be accurate in choosing the right front door size, consult professionals.

  1. Style

Select a style for your front door that complements the overall design of your home which also adds to its curb appeal. If you have a traditional streak in you, go for classic wood panelled door. If you have an artistic side, you can choose to include decorative glass elements.

As every house and its owner are different with different tastes, picking a front door that best represents your entire vibe is extremely important. Do your homework and choose materials, styles and finishes that will help you narrow down your choices and give you the front door that you always wanted!

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