The Ultimate Guide to Refurbishing a Pub


One of the main marketing attributes for any pub is the overall look and design of it. The space outside, entrance and the interior design of the pub all add up to a first impression and can all be appealing factors which draw people in to visit.

In order to create an appealing pub, you need to think about what your clients will want. For example, a relaxing atmosphere, clean environment and perhaps something which other pubs cannot offer in terms of the décor. You will need to give your pub an authentic theme, not only considering the trends in interior design which are taking over the nation, but also thinking about making the pub appealing for all sorts of people.

With so much choice on the market as to where people can eat and drink out, as well as competitive prices offered all over, it can be difficult to stay in the circuit. If you’ve found that you’re stuck in a rut with your pub, it might be time to get a new look and have a revamp. This can make the world of difference to your market, and on the grand opening, you are sure to see many more clients walking through the door, if only out of curiosity. The next step is just keeping those highly valued clients by offering a great service.

Just in case you’re struggling for ideas on how to refurbish your pub, we’ve put together a list of things to consider for your new look.




The entrance to your pub is one of the first things your clients will see, and it is highly important that it gives them a good first impression. This means making it look inviting and welcoming for new clients to ensure that they are not put off at first sight, but instead are intrigued and invited to step inside.

In terms of the doorway, most pubs generally opt for manual swinging doors, which means that they will stay shut when they are not being used, maintaining a more consistent temperature inside, but can be easily opened. In terms of accessibility, it is usually wise to opt for a large swinging door or two doors. This will allow for wheelchair access and for people bringing buggies in for family lunches.

Outdoor area

The outdoor area of a pub is another appealing factor for clients, particularly in the summer months when people want to relax in the sun with a beer. Treat the outside area much like the indoor area, with comfortable but all-weather appropriate seating options, umbrellas for providing shaded areas, and aesthetic additions too, such as pot plants, areas of grass, and outdoor lighting for those who still want to enjoy the outside area after the sun goes down.

A ‘secret garden’ area of a pub is also a great idea for separating off an area of your pub and intriguing your visitors. You can create this environment with a fenced off area or shrubbery, a canopy and some grass.


Pub exterior

When potential clients drive past your pub, they will see the exterior of it which will give them an idea as to what is like inside it. In order to entice people to come inside, ensure that the exterior of the building looks attractive and appealing.

Making the exterior of the pub look attractive may involve a simple clean-up, a lick of paint, a new sign, some additional plants in hanging baskets, or perhaps even a new pub name to give it the revamp it really needs.




People go to a pub to relax, enjoy themselves and have a great time. This means that your main priority is to accommodate this by providing a relaxing atmosphere. Install various seating options, for example, sofas, bar stools, chairs, and different sized tables so that people can sit in different sized groups.

When planning the design of your pub interior, make sure that you allow for enough space for people to move easily around between tables, to and from the bar and toilets. Consider the colour scheme carefully before choosing one; bright colours are often a no-go, so stick to neutral and pastel colours.


With food now becoming an important part of sales for most pubs, perhaps the most difficult factor to accommodate is that the pub will need to be an attractive space all the way from breakfast until night. Lighting is a very important factor in maintaining a great atmosphere throughout the entire day, and also has a massive impact on the overall atmosphere of the pub. For example, dim lighting could create a romantic or clubbing atmosphere, whereas natural and bright lighting may be more appropriate for attracting families in to have lunch.

You can pick your lighting according to the atmosphere you intend to create in the pub. It is also important to make sure that you are able to change the lighting if needs be, so install lights which are adjustable in terms of brightness, or various options in terms of lamps, spotlights and pendant lights in different areas, so that you can accommodate everyone’s needs.

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