14 Things You Can Gift to a Horse Owner

Once in love with horse, always in love with horses.”- Stacy Posthums

Keeping a horse is an experience that fluctuates between excitement and nerve-wracking stress. It is a time consuming and emotional adventure, but once you get along with your horse those hard-earned happy tears will be worthwhile.

They are wonderful animals and enjoyable companions’ who enjoy every bit of life with their owners. So, if you have any equestrian friends and want to gift them something really special on the run up to the festive season read on.

Horse candid picture

A candid picture of a horse is a gift that is sure to take up a special place in a horse lover’s home. You can enclose the picture in a really beautiful frame that your friend can easily hang on the wall.

Affectionate sculpture

For this, you need to visit a professional sculptor that brings out the bond the two of them share and your friends can keep it as a home décor piece.

Pendant Necklace

The next thing that you can gift to your friend as a lifetime memory is the cute horse shape pendant in a gold chain. Your friend can wear it every time to get a funky and cool look while enjoying a feeling of being close to their horse.


You must have seen different versions of monopoly and now is time to see the latest version of it called as horse-opoly. This will entertain and delight your horse lover friends with its unique features and those exciting horse themes.

Fleece throw blanket

A fleece throw blanket is the next in the list that you can gift to horse owners. It will keep them warm and make them happy whenever they see the pictures of their loving horse on these blankets. They also add style in the room décor and shows your friends love for horse.

Horse iPad case

This is another interesting idea to please the horse owners. You can get the customise iPad case that features a subtle horse icon in the centre of the case. This looks trendy and your friend will love to use it.

Saddle Wind Chime

A saddle wind chime is the cutest gift you can present to the horse lovers. They love hearing that sifts and the look of that beautiful wind chime. It features a saddle on the top and wind chimes hanging down. Goes with any rustic decor of the room soon they become your friends’ favourite.

Large wood horse wall art

Horses are large animals so it makes sense that the wooden artwork depicting them should also be large. You can get different colours combination and wooden material that you can gift. This will give such a stunning look to any horse lover’s room.

Branded horse clippers

If you want that your friend’s horse to look hale and hearty then gift your friend a branded horse clippers. There is a wide range of clippers available in the stores you can buy latest and best horse clippers that help your friend to keep your horse properly groomed.

Equine Stress Ball

An equine stress ball is the most helpful thing you can gift to the horse owners. These balls actually help horses to release nervous energy. This toy offers hours of mental stimulation and relaxation to the horses and takes them out of their stress.

Horse veterinary handbook

A reference book on veterinary horse care is another amazing gift your horse, loving friend would appreciate using. These kind of books carries different grooming tips, health tips, lifestyle tips that help your friends to give a good life to their horse.

Bag Balm

You can gift a good quality bag balm with riding gloves to your rider friends; so that whenever they use it after horse riding it reminds how much you care for them. This kind of balm gives immense relaxation to the riders, especially in winters.

Equestrian riding jacket

Equestrian riding jacket is an item that you can gift to your rider friends during winters. This jacket allows your friends to sit comfortably in the saddle. The stuff of this jacket gives warmth to the riders in chilly winters.

Treeless or soft tree saddles

Treeless or soft tree saddles are a new trend in the saddle market. They can easily fit onto the horses and keep them in ultimate comfort. They are available in different material, size and colours from various brands. You can get them from pet stores according to the size and age of your friend’s horse.

Apart from these gifts you can also consider stuff such as tack trunks, horse etched mirror, riding tights and more. Your horse lovers not only love them but also appreciate your pampering to their horse with such cute gifts.

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